A little bit about coffee

Coffee at its best has complex flavour similar to that of a wine. Flavours of fruit, chocolate, nuts (peanuts and hazelnuts) and spices are often found in good quality beans and brews.

Most people are familiar with coffee that has been pushed through a machine at a high pressure, hot temperature and with a fine grind. This method of brewing was developed to keep pace with the high demand for quick coffee. The most original method is to steep ground or broken beans in water until the flavour has had a chance to mature and develop.

The method of passing hot water through coffee at pressure has the benefit of speed, however this method also develops flavours in the coffee that are not ideal. Baristas all over the world work in an effort to reduce the acidity of your morning brew. Top baristas aim to reduce acidity and develop a smooth and flavourful blend that makes the palate want more. This method is also very inconsistent, top baristas aim to 1 in 5 as the perfect pour, with 3 in 5 average and 1 in 5 mispoured. I’m sure you can imagine that even a good bartender could only hope to get the same and from our research have found that only 1 in 20 is the perfect shot and only half are an average pour. If bars are pre extracting coffee then these bad shots effect the overall quality of the brew, making the overall brew less than average. 

Unfortunately bartenders have become so accustomed to pourly extracted espresso that they believe a good Martini needs a lot of acidity. We put 2 espresso martinis in front of 4 bartenders and 4 baristas and found that the baristas all preferred the espresso with smooth coffee and no sugar syrup, the bartenders preferred the Espresso with poorly pulled coffee high in acidity and a martini with sugar to mask the flavour.

As with your morning latte, a smooth coffee flavour with hints of character will always get you coming back for a second. ee have found that venues that pour an espresso martini with less sugar but a smoother flavour will more often get a repeat purchase. Better quality beans extracted professionally lead to smoother Espresso Martinis and more sales. 

So why Little Drippa?

Little Drippa is a cold extracted coffee that is designed to fix the problems of pre extracted coffee for bartenders.

It is smooth and consistent in flavour and whilst most venues need to adjust their existing recipe (usually removing the sugar syrup that is put in to mask acidic coffee) the results can be an Espresso Martini with balanced coffee flavour.

Due to the method of extraction Little Drippa has a longer life of 13 weeks from the day of bottling. Coffee from a machine should be drank within 2 minutes of it being extracted, after this the acidity increases and the coffee flavour starts to dissipate. 

Little Drippa is quick, no more walking out of the bar to extract shots instead bartenders can just pour straight from the bottle.

It can save you money. Most bars pay $28 - $32 per kilo for beans and grind 20-2 g per 30ml of espresso. There is generally wastage of 10% and then there is the time spent extracting the coffee and labelling it. ehen you add this up it costs between 92c and $1.0 per cocktail. That gives bars the saving of 32 – cents for using Little Drippa. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

Does it give the same creamer?
Yes. One of the 5 types of beans used in the blend is put in specifically for creamer, it is high in protein which develops the creamer in espresso martinis. This bean adds no flavour, however it is times higher in protein than other beans and so gives a creamer that is finer and generally lasts longer. To give the best result we recommend keeping Little Drippa cold and giving it a sharp and hard shake!

Are the beans Arabica?
Yes. The beans are 100% Organic, Arabica and are harvested in a way that helps to develop the regions where the beans come from. India, Costa Rica and Brazil.

Does it have caffeine in it?
Yes. 30ml of Little Drippa has the same caffeine content as a traditional shot of espresso. The difference with Little Drippa is that the bars generally do not add as much sugar making Little Drippa Espressos healthier.

Can I just replace it for the shot of coffee in my recipe?
No. You could, but like any other ingredient you should adjust your recipe to suit the flavour profile. Most of the time this means removing some or all of the sugar syrup.

Do I have to keep it in the fridge?
No. It is best to and gives the best creamer, however you can keep it on the bar throughout the night. 

Little Drippa is distributed by Thinkspirits and is available nationwide through your preferred wholesaler. For more information please contact your Thinkspirits representative via the following email sales@thinkspirits.com, or alternatively, contact Little Drippa directly on the contact page.

So what is Little Drippa? Why is it so great?